✪  Friction, co-operation and technology in the neoliberal universityRichard Hall, De Montfort University
✪ The Million Mask March as a manifestation of Anonymous’ performative digital resistance
William Knight, Horizon, University of Nottingham
✪ Fictive-friction: Cyberpunk reprised
Rob Coley, Dean Lockwood and Alberto Micali, School of Media, University of Lincoln
✪ Voting frictions
Jeremy Pilcher, University of Leicester
✪ Prediction as production: Social media, financial algorithms, and the case of the @AP Twitter Hack
Tero Karppi, University of Turku
✪ Obfuscation for DIY Privacy and Surveillance Circumvention
Daniel C. Howe, School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong
✪ Counter-commodification: The economy of contribution in the digital commons
Andreas Wittel, Nottingham Trent University
✪ Friction and flow: Coercive mobilities and the origins of American mass deportation
Ethan Blue, University of Western Australia
✪ Virtuous war and UAVs:  The inhibition of the friction and the trivialization of violence
Alcides Eduardo dos Reis Peron, Lancaster University
✪ Videologies of anonymous: Historical materialism and the organic internet Adam Fish, Lancaster University
✪ Photography against the grain: Deconstructing the work of Allan Sekula
John Francis, PhD Researcher, University of Birmingham
✪ Observations on 3D television: Force, resistance, and media technology
Nick Camfield, University of Nottingham
✪ My kingdom for a horse: The new voice of stakeholder activism during the horsemeat scandal
Paul Caulfield, University of Nottingham
✪ Risk, trust and the biometric future: Aspirations toward and resistance to a biometric system of identification in Israel
Michelle Spektor
✪ Some views on hacking and resistance in the network society
Vittorio Milone, Independent researcher
✪ Hacking in the University: Contesting the Valorisation of Academic Labour
Joss Winn, University of Lincoln

You can find complete abstracts of the papers in the attached PDF file:
-> Friction! Abstracts – Full


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